It is now possible to scan concrete in order to know several things such as how thick it is and what lies beneath it. This technology has several benefits that concrete contractors can take advantage of. This article discusses some of those benefits.

Improved Worker Safety

In the past, concrete drilling was done without any knowledge of what lay underneath or within that concrete. Many accidents would occur and injure or kill workers. For instance, workers would be electrocuted if they accidentally cut through an underground power cable while drilling. Such accidents causes contractors to meet the high costs of treating injured workers or delaying work until the injured employees could return to work.

Concrete scanning now makes it possible to avoid such accidents since the scans provide an accurate picture of what is within, or underneath a block of concrete. This makes it possible to cut the power supply before drilling near cables or stopping the drilling just before an underground water pipe is reached so that workers do not get electrocuted when their power tools hit water pipes.

More Accurate Billing Information

Concrete contractors can use the images got after scanning concrete in order to assess how difficult a job will be. This information enables you to give your client an accurate estimate of the cost of the job. For instance, if you discover that the concrete is very thick and has several re-bars crisscrossing it, you can accurately tell the client the cost of the drilling by basing on how much you charge per inch. This saves you from potential disagreements over rates when you start work and realize the job is more complex than you had anticipated.

It Eases Project Planning

Concrete scanning allows you to plan effectively before embarking on a project. For instance, after realising that the concrete you will be drilling through is very thick, you can select drilling tools that are suited to working with concrete of that thickness. For example, you would pick a pneumatic drill as opposed to a manual drill since the pneumatic drill has more power to drill through thick concrete in a shorter time than a manual drill would. This saves you time so you can get more work done.

Technology is vital to getting accurate information upon which project decisions are made. Use it in your work and your operating costs will go down since there will be fewer accidents and the best tools will be selected for each job basing on the data from the scans. Consult resources like Diamond Cut Concrete to learn more.