The method used to cut concrete depends on several factors such as the thickness of the concrete being cut and the purpose for which that concrete is being cut. This article discusses the most common methods of cutting concrete that are available.

Diamond Sawing

A diamond saw is a chain that has diamond "teeth" attached to it. Concrete contractors mainly use diamond sawing because it is very fast. Diamond sawing is also ideal when the concrete you are cutting through has metals like re-bars since it can easily cut through them. This method is not as noisy as other concrete cutting methods and that is an additional reason why contractors prefer using it.

Core Drilling

This method entails cutting circular openings into concrete in order to lay pipes or wires. The concrete cutting service company uses a pipe that has drill bits attached to its front surface. This method requires a great amount of skill and experience, otherwise the holes drilled will zigzag or have uneven diameters if the core-drilling tool is not held steady as it drives through the concrete.

Flat Sawing

This method is ideal for use on concrete floors and other flat surfaces. A saw is attached onto a cart and the operator pushes the cart when the saw tip is touching the concrete. As the cart moves, the saw cuts sheets out of the concrete slab or floor. This method is normally used to cut plumbing trenches or to cut access points so that underground wires can be repaired. This method generates a lot of vibrations and may require more than one operator to hold the cart to prevent the saw from cutting irregular patterns into the concrete.

Wire Sawing

This is the method of last resort available to contractors when they encounter a job that is too complex for other cutting methods. This method entails using a wire attached to a pulley system that forces the wire to cut through the sheet of concrete. The wire normally has diamond segments glued to its surface. Those diamond segments sheer the concrete under the force of the pulleys operated by a hydraulic system.

All methods of concrete cutting are dangerous and require you to have the appropriate personal protective equipment as well as the necessary skills to use the tools involved. If you are a novice, hire a concrete cutting service to cut the concrete for you so that you avoid any accidents that may result from your inexperience.