Exposed aggregate consists of a cement and sand mixture with additional aggregates for decoration. During the installation, the top layer of cement is removed to reveal the colours and textures of these aggregates. When you're laying this concrete during a driveway installation, you can embellish it in many ways to complement the kerb view. Here are several tips.

Choosing the Colour of the Aggregates

With exposed aggregate, you can combine different coloured pebbles, shells, and glass to create patterns in the paving. If you need help deciding what colours to choose, look at the hues on your house's walls for inspiration. You can keep the driveway subtle if the external walls are neutrally toned.

When considering the colour of your home, note its subtle undertones. Is it a warm beige or cream or a cool grey? You can choose similar warm or cool shades for the aggregate pebbles, which come in a wide range of colours, from tans and browns to blacks and blues.

However, echoing the coolness or warmth of the house is not the only option. Sometimes a cool charcoal driveway can perfectly complement a warm beige home. Ask your contractors for their suggestions, as there are many considerations to keep in mind when choosing colours.

Thinking about the Paving's Texture

You can also adjust the texture of an exposed aggregate driveway to complement your house's architecture. If it's sleek and modern in style, you can choose small, pea-sized, rounded gravel, which will create smoother concrete while still providing texture and patterns. Alternatively, you can select chunkier stones with rougher edges for a rustic appearance.

Regardless of the particular aggregates, the benefit of this concrete lies in its organic appearance, which is bumpy and multi-toned like surfaces in nature.

Adding Extra Embellishments

You can use other decorative techniques to add the finishing touch to an aggregate driveway. For example, combine the exposed aggregate areas with stamped or coloured borders that will showcase the textured nature of the aggregate. If your front yard has other hardscape elements, such as a pathway, a border can create a transition between these features.

As well as juxtaposing the aggregate and border in terms of texture, you can do the same with colour. For example, put a darker edge against a lighter aggregate finish. Remember to factor in the surrounding natural landscape when choosing the colours and design of the exposed aggregate.

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