If you need to resurface an area of concrete, it is likely because it has fallen into disrepair. Therefore, most people who call in concrete contractors for a resurfacing project want a long-lasting and durable job. Of course, standard concrete resurfacing will be an improvement on any areas that are currently cracked or crumbling, but it is worth considering epoxy flooring, too. Why is epoxy-coated concrete so suitable for newly resurfaced areas? Read on to find out.

Greater Durability

Buildings that have concrete floors are quite common in Australia. Even if your home or place of work doesn't have a concrete floor, the chances are your garage will. In such situations, heaving machinery or even just standard cars rolling over them can lead to superficial damage. Without a concrete resurfacing job, these small blemishes soon turn into larger and larger fissures that look increasingly unsightly. In the end, they can undermine the structural integrity of the floor as a whole. Concrete resurfacing without epoxy resin offers a refreshed look, but adding epoxy flooring over the top will add an extra level of durability. This is ideal in areas of high footfall or places like garages where the concrete will be exposed to weight from above.

Less Dust

It is possible to achieve a virtually dust-free environment when you opt for concrete resurfacing with epoxy. Your contractor will layer up the floor in most cases so that it is not just the outermost layer that is tough. If so, then the dust that can sometimes kick up from unpolished concrete floors can be avoided. This is ideal for workshops and technical spaces that you want to be able to clean easily with a mop at the end of the working day.

Distinctive Looks

Although concrete surfaces can have all sorts of finishes with colour additives and different polishing techniques, epoxy concrete floors are very distinctive in their appearance. Various flakes can be added to create a natural stone-like look that will be consistent from one side of the floor to the other. If you want a one-off look, then this is a concrete floor system that is worth exploring further.

Slip Resistance

Another key advantage of resurfacing your floor with epoxy concrete is that it will add grip. Floors of this type are slip-resistant whether you are walking over them or driving vehicles on them. Typically, flakes are added to the mix to ensure better traction can be maintained underfoot.

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