Scaffold towers can be bought or hired, and are great for DIY jobs around the property. A scaffold tower is about the same height as a regular home, and is built up stage by stage to its maximum height. They can be used for many things, including working on a property's roof or guttering. If you have hired or purchased a scaffold tower, let's look at some safety considerations before using it for the first time.

Use All the Parts

When building the scaffold tower, make sure that you don't cut any corners and leave something out. Scaffold towers have a lot of parts, and it can be easy to miss a pole in an area that seems already secure. However, the strength of the tower comes from all of its parts, and this forms an important consideration when the manufacturer is calculating safety guidelines. Take the time to properly build up the scaffold tower every time you use it.

Assess the Ground

Most scaffold towers come with wheel locks to ensure that the tower doesn't move when you are working on it. In some cases, this makes people think that they can use the tower on any surface, and it will be safe if the wheels are locked. Don't make this mistake, as the tower can collapse or tip if it is stationed on the wrong type of surface. If you need to access an area of your property that has soft or uneven ground, you will have to spend some time preparing the area so it is suitable for the tower to be parked on it.

Move the Tower Carefully

The scaffold tower is designed to be moved along so that you can work on different areas of the property. Unfortunately, many people have been injured doing this, as they have not taken enough care when moving the tower. On occasion, the tower has gone over a hole or dip in the ground, causing it to topple over. As well as risking injury to yourself, you could cause damage to your property as well. Always trace where you are moving the tower to, and make sure it can be moved slowly and without hitting any obstacles.

In truth, it is better to always have a friend or family member with you when you are moving the scaffold tower. This stabilizes the tower as it is being moved, and provides an extra pair of eyes to look out for any obstacles. For more tips or assistance, consult companies like All Domestic Scaffold & Safety Systems.