There are different finishes and styles with reference to having a driveway. You can choose options such as gravel, tiles, or just plain concrete. However, having an exposed aggregate driveway is an especially desirable choice of finish that will add value to your home. Exposed aggregate will be achieved by adding aggregates such as quartzite or decorative rocks to fresh concrete or by stripping away your fresh concrete's surface to expose a spectacular aggregate that's already mixed into your concrete. Find out some of the benefits you'll enjoy with an exposed aggregate driveway.


A natural exposed aggregate finish has the structural integrity and durability of concrete. It also withstands weather extremes and heavy traffic without heaving or sinking. An exposed aggregate concrete is also slip or skid resistant.

Decorative Effects

With an exposed aggregate concrete, you can achieve a spectacular decorative effect on your driveway. In addition, most aggregate materials come in unlimited colour options and sizes, allowing you to customise your driveway with the design of your choice. When exposed aggregate is combined with normal concrete and treatments such as colouring, stencilling, stamping, and staining, it creates elegant effects. It also effectively blends with other decorative concrete.

Minimal Spalling

Spalling is a situation where the surface materials start flaking, breaking up, or becoming pitted. This is often caused by poor installation, weather, or normal wear and tear. Compared to broom-swept or stamped surfaces, exposed aggregate concrete has no or little spalling.

Easy Installation

The procedures involved in creating exposed aggregate are easy enough for your concrete finisher to complete fairly quickly. Moreover, with the appropriate kit, you can perform the task yourself as a DIY project.

Low Maintenance

Exposed aggregate driveways are easy to maintain, which is an added bonus. Except for resealing every couple of years and the regular cleaning with water, there is no additional maintenance required. Moreover, when selecting an exposed aggregate sealer for your driveway, make sure it repels oil, stains, grease, and water. This will also enhance it little maintenance characteristic.


When considering the installation of exposed aggregate in your driveway, there is a wide range of choices for you, including small, large, round, coloured and much more. Besides the types and sizes, aggregate suppliers will always come in handy in recommending the best options for your project. Most exposed aggregates are UV resistant, which means that they won't yellow with time.