If you are planning on building features such as sidewalks, driveways or patios on your property, you should think about using exposed aggregate concrete for the surfaces. This material is an ideal choice because it is hardwearing. Therefore, you will have prolonged service even in adverse conditions. Also, this type of surface promotes safety because the aggregate reduces the risk of skidding. In addition, exposed aggregate concrete features are decorative and beautiful in almost any setting. However, you should note that installing the perfect surface can be challenging. Here are fundamental precautions for achieving the best results.

Pour the Aggregate Evenly

When pouring the aggregate concrete, you must ensure that the material is delivered in a uniform manner. If the concrete is not even, the final surface might appear patchy and unattractive. It is important to ensure that the concrete mix is prepared correctly before pouring it. If you are planning on acquiring a ready-mix product, this will not be a problem. These products are prepared to ensure that the ratio of the concrete and the aggregate is perfect. If you are preparing your own mix, you should consult a concrete contractor for advice. Once the mixture is formulated, pour and spread it until the surface has a consistent appearance.

Use a Retarding Product

It is important to plan for the exposure of the aggregate after pouring the concrete. Poor planning for this stage can lead to difficulties in creating the perfect surface. In general, you should think about purchasing a retarding product before beginning the project. This compound will delay the curing process of the concrete. As a result, you will have a little more time to remove the cement and expose the aggregate. This is of particular importance if you are planning on installing the surface in hot conditions or you are working on a large surface. You should note that once the concrete cures completely, you will not be able to clean it using a brush or power washer.

Avoid Abrasive Blasting

The simplest method for exposing an aggregate concrete surface is washing the surface using pressure equipment or a brush. However, you can opt for abrasive blasting. This method is beneficial for dealing with cured concrete which cannot be removed through simple washing. It is crucial that you avoid using abrasive media unless there is no other option. This type of material will expose the decorative pebbles. However, the pressurised media will cause some physical damage to the surface, resulting in a less attractive feature.

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